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Firm of corporate humanists: the sparring partner of governance and leaders


Human R&D Advisory Board (5 members)

Network of Experts, references in their field

UniK are two people who have experienced incredible professional situations and who are delighted to share their experience with all companies and people wishing to boost or re-boost their functioning and the well-being of their teams, or who are struggling to get out of complex situations. and polluted (absenteeism, turnover, toxicity, conflict, inefficiency, etc.).

Our main mission is to humanize the professional world through actions that bring meaning, recognition and motivation to each person. We deeply believe in the potential of everyone, and we do everything we can to discover it and use it for individual and then collective development.

Finally, with us, no blabla and complacent speeches, we want to bring about effective and constructive changes!

Ethical governance / Consistent leadership

Selection by values / Early outplacement

Creators and Listeners Swiss Label Empreinte Humaine®

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